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// OCT . 5 . 2015 //
We are very proud to announce MAGNUS ROSÉN is Shadowside's new bass player! The band, formed by Dani Nolden on the vocals, Raphael Mattos on the guitars and Fabio Buitvidas on the drums, now also counts with the renowed musician that was part of Hammerfall from 1997 to 2007 and recorded several albums, being awarded golden records and a Grammy nomination with the Swedish band. He also recorded albums with Jorn Lande, Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath) and has just released his 10th solo album titled "The World Changes", recorded with musicians who played with Hammerfall, Black Sabbath, ABBA, Yngwie Malmsteen and others. 
Magnus Rosén sent a message to the fans: "I've been away from the metal stage for more than 8 years! Metal has a very nice energy that I miss and love, and I think Shadowside has just that kind of nice metal that fits my style! And at the same time I always liked Brazil / South America. After 9 times with mixed Hammerfall tours and solo bass tours in this part of world, I know for sure of my feelings and I am looking forward to join the band Shadowside. So when I was asked to join and play with Shadowside, so was the desire great to once again set a high volume, smoke, light, and good metal music. The band have nice feelings in the metal music that i like. 
I got few new song ideas from the band and i think these songs and music are powerful and will be loved by the people out there. So i can't wait to get the wheels moving forward with the band."
Shadowside's singer Dani Nolden also commented on why they invited Magnus and what this means for the band: "Magnus is someone we admire greatly and it is an honor to work with him, not only because of his great  skills as a bass player but also because he has an incredible experience with many different and special projects. We felt he would be a perfect match for us and we're thrilled that he accepted our invitation to join Shadowside. Now we can't wait to start the recordings and get this show on the road. It's going to be amazing!"
Magnus Rosén is already participating in the songwriting process of the new album with Shadowside, which is set to be recorded between June and August 2016 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Once again, Fredrik Nordström will be in charge of the album production. He has already worked with the band in the "Inner Monster Out" album. More news to follow soon!
// SEP . 23 . 2015 //
Fabio Carito is no longer Shadowside's bass player
We would like to inform that bass player Fabio Carito will no longer be playing with Shadowside. Due to the schedule incompatibility of both band and musician for 2016, both decided that the best thing to do would be going separate ways, in order to not obstruct the songwriting and recordings of the new Shadowside album, as well as projects to which the bassist had already commited himself to.
Shadowside would like to thank Fabio Carito for companionship on stage during the entire Inner Monster Out tour, and wish him all the luck and success!
The new bass player has already been chosen and is a worldwide renowed musician. He's already working on the new album with Shadowside. He will be announced in a few days. Stay tuned!
// SEP . 20 . 2015 //
New Shadowside album to be once again recorded in Sweden
We're working on the new album and once again, we will record it in Gothenburg, Sweden, with producer Fredrik Nordström, who worked with us on the Inner Monster Out album. More details and the recording date will be announced soon!
// JUN . 24 . 2015 //
New album in writing process!
 The new Shadowside material has begun to take form! With about 8 songs already pretty advanced and several ideas more being structured, the musical direction follows a path similar to its predecessor "Inner Monster Out, heavy, intense and straight-forward, however more mature and musically elaborate, with a quite obscure thematic.

Follow the band on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/shadowsideband) and on Instagram (http://www.instagram.com/shadowsideofficial) and stay tuned to the entire songwriting process with images and, soon, new music!
// AUG . 22 . 2014 //
new Shadowside video for the song Habitchual to debut on MTV and VH1 Brazil!
 The new Shadowside video for the song Habitchual will debut on MTV and VH1 Brazil!

Dates are as follows:

VH1 Brazil – Aug 22nd at 5:30 PM - Kaos Brasilis
MTV – Aug 23rd - 5AM – Playlist Rock

For those who are not in Brazil and want to watch the video, it is available on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSkVHcF7qAo